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About the Instruments

Gailes’ Violin Shop offers a full range of quality instruments from around the globe to meet a variety of budgets and performance expectations. Through each price range, our selection offers continual refinement of arching and graduation, acoustical woods and varnishes that allow increasing levels of tonal possibilities, projection and sound quality. Each instrument is unique, and we invite you to make an appointment to play several instruments in your target price range. A sampling of the instruments currently in stock is listed on the following pages. We have a wonderful selection of bows to complement all of our instruments as well as the individual musician.

All instruments at Gailes’ Violin Shop, Inc., from our entry-level Franz Helmer to our most distinguished professional level violins, violas and cellos, receive a professional set-up on our premises.

About the Set-Up

The Gailes’ Violin Shop Set-Up includes the following:

Hand-carved and fitted Aubert or Despiau bridge, selected from our collection of aged bridges and matched to each instrument. We also have bridges from Milo Stamm, Lang, and others. Our stock includes thousands of bridge blanks, including many from as far back as the mid-1970’s.

  • Fingerboard carefully planed and finished.
  • Proper shaping of the nut, with regard to height and proper spacing of the string grooves.
  • Soundpost carefully fitted and positioned for optimal tone quality and projection.
  • Pegs individually tapered.
  • Genuine Wittner tailpiece on rental grade and advancing instruments
  • Guarneri-model ebony chinrest or the chinrest of your choice (from our vast selection).
  • On our sales stock instruments, we use the following string brands: Thomastic Dominant, Evah Pirazzi, Obligato, Larson, Jargar and others of equivalent quality. On our rental instruments we use Preludes or Dominants.


All our instruments are warranted for one year from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any seams (which may open due to weather changes), formerly repaired cracks, or glue joints (at the fingerboard, neck, center, linings, bass bar and blocks), the smooth operation of pegs, the tailpiece and gut, and the fine tuners(s).  This guarantee does not include new cracks (which are trauma-induced), bridge warping (which is due to neglect), broken strings or any cosmetic damage.  We further guarantee that we will take back any instrument purchased from Gailes' Violin Shop, Inc., if it has been well-cared for, as a trade-in on another instrument of equal or greater value (see Our Trade-in Policy below).

Our Trade-in Policy

Instruments purchased from Gailes’ Violin Shop, Inc. may be traded in for their purchased price by the original owner when purchasing a new instrument or bow of greater value. Fees for reconditioning (i.e. new strings or rehairing of a bow) will be deducted, as well as any repairs that may be necessary.

Instruments from other shops may be considered for trade-in if you have the original receipt.