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"Some people think a bow is only wood and hair," says Gunter Seifert, violinist with the Vienna Philharmonic and head of the Wiener Geigen Quartet, "but the bow can be more essential to expressing the soul of the music than the violin is."



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Gailes’ Violin Shop carries an extensive selection of bows to match both the instrument and player, from beginner to professional. Our collection includes bows from Germany, France, Brazil, the United States and China. We are commissioning bows from up-and-coming Bulgarian and American makers.

We carry bows made of fiberglass, wood, carbon fiber, brazilwood and pernambuco. All our bows are hand selected to assure the best playability and value. We invite you to come in to the shop and test a variety of bows when making a selection.

Beginner Bows

These entry-level bows are $45 for violin, $48 for viola, and $75 for cello.

  • Glasser Fiberglass
  • Wood

Carbon Fiber

We carry carbon fiber bows by JonPaul (made in the U.S.), including the Bravo, Legacy, Arpege and Avanti models. Please visit for more information on their bows and their excellent warranty. Please call GVS for prices on specific models.

We carry the entire line of CodaBows (made in the U.S.).  In the Diamond Collection, we have the NX, the SX and the GX.  We also carry the Prodigy and Joule models.  For more information about Coda Bows, visit their website

We are also offering the Ophelia carbon fiber bow from Samuel Shen, both the regular and braided models. Arcus bows from Austria are available by appointment.


Brazil, for centuries the source of the finest bow making wood, is now the source for fine bows. We offer Brazilian-made bows from many artisans, including Marco Rapozo, Horst John, the independent makers represented by iStrings, and Arcos Brasil.


Made from wood no longer available for harvest, our older brazilwood bows have proven themselves over decades of service. Our selection is predominately from Germany and France, and most are an average of 50 years old. These bows generally offer better playability and produce better sound than new, inexpensive pernambuco bows.

Advancing & Professional Bows

A partial listing of bows currently in stock:

  • Dorfler
  • Knoll
  • Seifert
  • Ary France
  • Schiker
  • Arcos Brasil

A partial listing of the new and old European bows currently in stock:

  • Herm. W. Prell
  • L. Bausch
  • Nicolas Delaune
  • G. Cone & Fils a Lyon
  • Albin Hums
  • Horst Schicker
  • Davot a Paris/Morizot
  • Didion
  • Fcois Lotte
  • Grandini (J.T.L.)
  • G. Prager
  • W.A.Pfretzschner
  • Dodd family-Transitional-composite
  • F. Vincent a Lyon


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Horst Schicker viola bow
with snakewood frog

Grünke and Söhne violin bow


Horst Schicker viola bow
with ebony frog

Klaus Grünke violin bow

Richard Grünke violin bow

Roger Treat violin bow
Curiot-Hury violin bow